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Video Selection

Round Trip of the Zeitgeist

A video collection about economic and financial policies, money creation and the advantages of having physical gold and silver.

The Secret World of Gold
Documentary which is very interesting, April 2013.

Silver & Gold - Economic Collapse & Debt Crisis
Presentation of Mike Maloney, author of known books on precious metals investing. Since 2003 he has been advocating gold and silver as the ultimate means of protecting wealth. Within his 90 minute presentation from May 2011 he lays down his most likely scenario for the global economy: starting with a short term deflation, central banks will print money to prevent the economies to drop down hard, therefore a hyperinflation will automatically follow. He explains the true definitions of inflation and deflation, currency and money, price vs. value as well as 'wealth cycles' and more, May 2011.


China's Ghost Cities and Malls
Documentary by SBS Dateline about the Chinese real estate market, Australia 2011.


The Collapse of the American Drean
A felicitous animation from the year 2011 on how money effects our life.


Advantages of Gold & Silver
A good introduction produced and published from Mike Maloney about the necessity of having physical gold and silver, 2011.


Fictional Story about the last day of the US-Dollar
A fictional scenario of the last hours of the USD and how international investors react upon the stock market crash, 2010.


Artistic Journey through the Spirit of our Times
First artist Arndt Tomás publishes artwork about the global financial crisis in artist's language using authentic US-Dollar Bills, the Chinese Renminbi, shredded Euro Banknotes and Gold Leafs,
February 2009.

Preparing Americans for Hyperinflation
A half-an-hour story about bursting real estate bubbles, the "central bank" printing money and where US-citizens find themselves today, 2009.


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